Aerospace and aviation are two of the most technically demanding industries in the world. Since its beginning over 150 years ago, STAHLWILLE has been synonymous with the development and manufacturing of high quality tools.

STAHLWILLE tools conform to the precise specifications of both aerospace and aviation. Both STAHLWILLE and Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. understand the importance of safety, F.O.D., downtime reduction, material compatibility, and overall operational efficiency.

Knowing each minute an aircraft is grounded means lost production and revenue, STAHLWILLE supplies high quality solutions that help keep specialists in the fields of mechanical repair, engine maintenance and avionics working. By understanding customer needs, STAHLWILLE creates solutions that are safe, efficient and reliable for the technician who is working in a hangar, a manufacturing facility or on a grounded aircraft. Developing comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of airframes, landing gear, and engines are only a few objectives of STAHLWILLE.

To address the challenges inherent with working in aerospace and aviation, STAHLWILLE founded a special-purpose research center to concentrate on the field of tool geometry relative to manufacturing for special materials. Additional research focuses on the materials used in aerospace construction where the emphasis is on compound materials, their composition and machining properties. Partnerships with leading universities and research centers around the world give STAHLWILLE insight into the most state of the art machining and shaping technologies. Those partnerships give STAHLWILLE the ability to make tools of high tensile strength steels, heat resistant alloys, compound and compound-layer materials.

Because STAHLWILLE understands the critical nature of the aerospace/aviation industries, they work closely with customers to develop the best tools and best solutions for every application. To guarantee our acknowledged levels of quality, STAHLWILLE has operated a quality assurance system to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1992. The processes used by STAHLWILLE are subject to continuous review with a vision to ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and dependability in the development and production of each tool made.

In short, providing the best solutions for our aerospace and aviation customers involve understanding their individual needs and requirements, research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and delivery methods. It is the goal of STAHLWILLE and Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. to deliver on each of those requirements, for each customer, every day.

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The Stahlwille History

For over 150 years, STAHLWILLE tools have exemplified what “Made in Germany” is all about. STAHLWILLE quality is felt everyday in the automotive, wind energy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. STAHLWILLE blends traditional German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production techniques in every tool.

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