Tools manufactured for the energy generating industries require special attention to unique needs.  Whether technicians are working on the ground or hundreds of feet above ground, the tools they use need to be safe, reliable and durable.  Specialists working in remote areas or high above the ground can’t afford to have a tool fail.  Many of the critical jobs handled by technicians in the energy field involve very specific tightening requirements.  STAHLWILLE has dedicated substantial resources to the areas of controlled tightening and has developed game changing solutions in the field of torque technology.  Beyond the wrench itself, one example of STAHLWILLE innovation is the SmartCheck, a mobile torque tester that recently won STAHLWILLE the coveted iF Design Award. It incorporates the same metrology that a leading wind farm operator has installed in its service vehicles. The advantage is it can be operated either with a mains adapter or on batteries, horizontally or vertically mounted and is compact enough to fit in even tight spaces. This tool allows the service engineer to determine within a few seconds whether the torque wrench is still operating within the prescribed tolerances. Since no additional transducers are required, it is possible to use the intuitive tester as soon as it has been set up.

In addition to controlled tightening requirements, wind turbine installations deal with many live components. To ensure technicians in those environments can work in compliance with VDE guidelines safely and efficiently, STAHLWILLE has developed its own VDE tool set consisting of fine-tooth ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, cutters and wrenches.

In wind farm service and repair jobs, high torques are commonplace. STAHLWILLE meets these requirements with a full set of IMPACT tools. In addition to hex and double hex long and short sockets, STAHLWILLE includes extensions and universal joints in their portfolio of products to cover a range of tools from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″.

Knowing weight is critical for technicians in the energy field, STAHLWILLE uses specially selected steel that produces tools that are thinner, lighter and stronger.  Proprietary manufacturing techniques result in wrenches that maintain their dimensional accuracy over the life of the tool.  Gripping a tool properly allows for both comfort and accuracy.  STAHLWILLE uses specially selected materials and processes in both the grips and the metals to give them a comfortable feel, accuracy and long life.  Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. understands the critical nature of work done in the energy field.  Time is money.  That is why we make it our mission to stock the tools you need.  Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of German made STAHLWILLE torque wrenches, impact, VDE and other high quality hand tools.

To summarize, STAHLWILLE is one of the most important suppliers to the wind energy industry.  STAHLWILLE is promising wind farm operators more efficient, safer and faster maintenance work – resulting in the shortest possible downtimes.  Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc.  is positioned in the U.S. to deliver world class customer support and distribution to the North American energy field.

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The Stahlwille History

For over 150 years, STAHLWILLE tools have exemplified what “Made in Germany” is all about. STAHLWILLE quality is felt everyday in the automotive, wind energy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. STAHLWILLE blends traditional German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production techniques in every tool.

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