Hand tools should feel like extensions of our hands.  How a tool is constructed with regard to strength and ergonomics should be top priority for professionals in trades and industry.   For these professionals, hand tools are an investment.  It has been said that only a rich man can afford cheap tools.  When you consider the cost of injury, low productivity and downtime during replacement or repair, it is easy to see how buying cheap tools can get very expensive and why making a solid initial investment is the smart thing to do.  When you make a cheap tool that is safe, functional and durable, it is no longer cheap.  Well designed, quality tools are a pleasure to use, even for extended periods of time.  The ability to grip a tool properly allows for both comfort and accuracy.  STAHLWILLE uses specially selected materials and processes in both the grips and the metals to give them a comfortable feel, accuracy and long life.

STAHLWILLE wrenches set the standard in durability, ergonomics and longevity.   Using STAHLWILLE’s specially selected steel allows for wrenches that are thinner, lighter, and stronger than the competition.  Proprietary manufacturing techniques result in wrenches that maintain their dimensional accuracy over the life of the tool.  We believe STAHLWILLE tools are more efficient, safer and help the user deliver more professional results.

Stahlwille sockets are different from the rest. These differences provide cost savings due to greater strength, increased durability and dimensional accuracy. The many technical innovations built into STAHLWILLE ratchets help users prevent both mistakes and injuries.  Reliability and precision, along with many user-friendly qualities are what STAHLWILLE ratchets are known for.

“Durability”, “Safety in use” and “Pleasant to handle” were the three primary targets for STAHLWILLE when they engineered the DRALL® line of screwdrivers.  Users have said, “You don’t know quality until you’ve held STAHLWILLE in your hand.”

Safety is perhaps the most important consideration when making and selecting a tool.  Too often, skilled professionals discount the importance of safety when using hand tools.  Safety is often dedicated only to power tools. More than 100,000 injuries requiring hospital treatment related to the use of common hand tools are reported each year.  The Hand Tools Institute suggests most hand tool related injuries are preventable.  Some injuries could be prevented simply by using the proper tool in the way it was intended to be used.  However, many injuries occur even when a tool is being used correctly.  If a tool is not designed correctly or is cheaply made, it can cause repetitive motion disorders and/or injuries caused by breakage.  That is why buying well designed, quality tools is so important.  To the untrained eye it may be difficult to evaluate tools from an ergonomic or quality point of view.  You should feel comfortable knowing the company that manufacturers your tools thinks about the user when designing their products.  Know the company that makes your tools has strict quality control processes in place and engages designers and engineers throughout the manufacturing process to ensure those strict guidelines are maintained.  You want to know the person who designed the tool to be safe and comfortable monitors production to be sure those qualities remain in the final product.

When it comes to quality, STAHLWILLE knows no compromises. All the products made by STAHLWILLE are manufactured at three locations in Germany under the most stringent quality control conditions. The latest manufacturing methods coupled with the use of the highest-grade materials ensure the closest tolerances are adhered to. For over 150 years, the Wille family has refused to move production outside Germany just to save money.  Quality has always been the families top priority.

In addition to the more common hand tools, some industries depend on controlled tightening to complete daily requirements.  Many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provide specific torque values for the fasteners used in their products.  Many industrial standard operating procedures (SOP) require specific torque values for many of their core jobs.  However, it is not uncommon to see technicians performing these functions without torque wrenches.  Whether it is because torque wrenches are not available or because the torque wrenches provided are broken or not calibrated, performing tasks that call for specific torque values without a torque wrench will create credibility issues internally among professional technicians and could result in product failures for the customer or user of a product.  Having quality torque wrenches onsite that are durable, easy to use and hold calibration is critical where specific torque values are defined.

STAHLWILLE was one of the original tool makers in Europe.  Early on, STAHLWILLE understood the importance of applying proper torque during tightening.  STAHLWILLE dedicated substantial resources to the area of controlled tightening and has developed game changing solutions in the field of torque technology.  Many of the world’s most noted aviation, aeronautics, automotive and energy companies depend on STAHLWILLE torque products to complete daily operations accurately and safely.  The STAHLWILLE philosophy of making all tools meet or exceed the standards of any industry means technicians in every industry enjoy the benefits of a safe, well made tool.

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The Stahlwille History

For over 150 years, STAHLWILLE tools have exemplified what “Made in Germany” is all about. STAHLWILLE quality is felt everyday in the automotive, wind energy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. STAHLWILLE blends traditional German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production techniques in every tool.

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