STAHLWILLE and Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. both have long and respected histories within the transport fields.  STAHLWILLE designs and manufactures entire tool lines specifically for transportation.  STAHLWILLE works in partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers to design and produce tools that are safe, reliable and long lasting.  In the automotive field, motorsports has always been a test bed for new products and ideas. STAHLWILLE has a long tradition of involvement in motorsports from Formula One to the Superbike world championships to the 24-hour Nürburgring races.  As technical sponsors to motorsports events, STAHLWILLE has been at the center of new product design and development gaining insight into the current and future needs of the automotive and transportation industries in general.

STAHLWILLE and Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. understand that for the professional technician, tools are an investment.  Many senior transportation technicians still use the tools they bought as students in technical school.

STAHLWILLE manufactures tools that are made to last.  The value of a tool can be determined by how long it remains at work without failure or down time.  Measured in this regard, we believe STAHLWILLE hand tools and torque wrenches are the best value available to a professional technician.  STAHLWILLE tools are built to tolerances and specifications most tool companies are unwilling or unable to meet.  All of the products made by STAHLWILLE are manufactured in Germany under the most stringent quality control conditions. STAHLWILLE approaches tool making differently than most.  Instead of making cheap tools that appeal to the masses, and expecting professional technicians to use them, STAHLWILLE makes tools engineered for the professional technician knowing every tool user, at every level, will appreciate the quality. For those who understand time is money, we believe STAHLWILLE offers the best return on investment (ROI) in the tool industry.

STAHLWILLE understands the tool user is more important than the tool.  STAHLWILLE commits huge resources toward understanding ergonomics, tool related repetitive motion disorders and overall safety.  Technicians in the transportation field use their tools all day, every day.  That alone creates unique challenges when designing a tool.  Using cheaply made tools has been found to cause pain and suffering, injuries and lost workdays.  STAHLWILLE incorporates ergonomics, physics and geometry into the design process with the goal of making tools an extension of the technician’s hand.  Safety is another primary concern of STAHLWILLE.   It has been said that if cheap tools were truly designed for safety, ergonomics, durability and accuracy, they would no longer be cheap.   You get what you pay for.  From the design stage through manufacturing, STAHLWILLE uses state-of-the-art processes and material to ensure they are making the safest and highest quality tools in the market.  STAHLWILLE feels the only way to control quality is to be close to every phase of production. For that reason, STAHLWILLE and the Wille family are committed to keeping STAHLWILLE tool production in Germany where every stage of design and production can be monitored.  Stahlwille Tools NA, Inc. is located in the U.S. and ready to offer world class distribution and support equal to the quality of the tools we sell.

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The Stahlwille History

For over 150 years, STAHLWILLE tools have exemplified what “Made in Germany” is all about. STAHLWILLE quality is felt everyday in the automotive, wind energy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors. STAHLWILLE blends traditional German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production techniques in every tool.

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